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Earth Medicine

It is our belief that plant medicine should be readily available and affordable to all parts of the community which is why we offer unique Sliding Scale Pricing for almost all of our creations on our Etsy page. We currently make and release our creations in convergence with the Lunar cycles (Full and New Moons) because this is how we handcraft each item. We use cleansed, charged and cruelty free crystals. All plant allies used in our medicines are home grown free of pesticides on our 9 acre ranch in Sonoma County, CA with sustainable and ethical practices. All other allies are sourced within the county or neighboring counties, we either proudly source from other local herbalists or we consciously wild craft. Anything wild crafted is done so with respect for the plant species in mind which means we do not over harvest and all gathering is done away from road sides. 

We take pride in offering Self Care creations to elevate your Inner Divine. 

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Our Guarantee

All products made by Hands of Ostara LLC are done so in a commercial kitchen in accordance with safe handling techniques. All plant medicines are made by hand with Sonoma County, CA sustainable grown medicinal plants or ethically gathered ingredients from Sonoma County, CA or neighboring counties. All gathering is done so with the utmost respect for the plant in mind. 

All ingredients in our creations are home grown using ethical practices or sourced to ensure no pesticides. We also love to support our local Herbalists and keep our support in our community. We proudly source our Organic materials from the reputable Mountain Rose Herbs and local gem Rosemary's Garden. All the honey & beeswax used in our salves & syrups is sourced from local Beekeepers & Hector's Honey. 

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Meet the Maker:

Ashley Vincent is a 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner, graduate of the California School of Herbal Studies and is currently attending the Ayurvedic Clinical Program at the Dhyana Center, with a long time passion for healing modalities and holistic plant medicine her focus is to provide the community with affordable & nourishing creations. It is her belief that with the support of safe herbal allies anyone can be their own healer. 

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Logo Artwork created by the lovely Jin Lehr of Gossamer Water Colors (Check out her Facebook page!) 

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